Cities Prosperity Indicators CPI- An Applied Study of the Infrastructure Development Index for the City of Samarra

    Dr. Zahraa Imad Hussain Al-Hussaini ,Prof. Dr. Amer Shakir Alkinani ,Sally Adnan Abdulmunem


    UN-Habitat presents a new approach to measuring Urban Prosperity, a comprehensive and integrated approach to promoting and monitoring urban development social and economic. This new approach redirects cities to work toward the path of an economically and socially prosperous urban future and environmentally. this is the new approach Using city prosperity indicators, It is a multidimensional frame It integrates six carefully selected dimensions containing many indicators that relate to the factors and conditions necessary for a city to grow and thrive. The six dimensions include productivity, infrastructure development, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and governance in urban areas. One of these indicators, which is the development of infrastructure, has been applied to one of the Iraqi cities, which is the city of Samarra, and the research has reached an assessment of the reality of the city at the level of infrastructure.

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