The Mental Evidence and its Role in Determining the Meaning of the Sentence of Al-Rumany in his Explanation of Sebaweh book

    Zainab Moeen Ahmed Al-Samaraie ,Ahmed Khaled Mahmood Al-Kubaisy


    This is a research in linguistic evidence in which I refer to mental evidence as one of the most important pieces of evidence that explain the meaning of the speaker and give a mental analysis of the departure of the grammatical structure from the original. First, lights on the concepts of mind - the mental consanguinity - the role of the mental consanguinity in the statement of intent of the typical speaker of the text or sentence (theoretical aspect). The second focus is the recruitment of a mental village in the definition of a mass hero in Al-Rumany (the epistemological aspect), where we found that the mental coin is one of the clues affecting the meaning - the meaning - and he realized the effect of this coin in guiding the intent of the speaker, Al-Rumany scientist in explaining the book of Sebaweh

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