Dimensions of Ecological Development by The Siak River

    Mariaty Ibrahim ,Sujianto ,Syaiful Bahri , Zulfadil


    Utilization of the Siak Riverside area as a means to meet the needs of people's lives and to support the sustainability of the river environment must indeed be supported by some proper planning and management, riverbanks are very accommodating for humans to be able to build buildings and make efforts for their lives. The high intensity of utilization of riverside areas raises very complicated problems. This condition will certainly trigger some very complicated problems for the sustainability of the ecosystem on the banks of the river, and if precautions are not taken immediately, the condition of the river will be polluted, and look slum. As a result of the tradition that was arranged organically (naturally), several areas in the city were built in a process without considering the overall design, therefore to overcome some of the problems on the banks of the river, the need for excessive evaluation measures in creating a clean, orderly river environment but still prioritize the interests of the surrounding community. The purpose of this study was to evaluate physical and non-physical conditions along the banks of the Siak River, Riau Province, through river border activities. River border protection is carried out in certain places according to its interests other than the company's concession area. In addition, river border protection is carried out on all riverbank areas according to regulations related to river borders. Wisdom which is interpreted as a form of environmental conservation includes developing mixed gardens (hamlets), protecting the Sialang tree which is a honey bee nest and promoting a culture of deliberation to increase community participation in development.

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