Dried Mango Target Market Using Artificial Intelegence

    Yosini Deliana ,Eti Suminartik ,Muhammad Djali


    At The Time Of Harvest, The Prices Of All Agricultural Products Will Typically Fall. Product Processing Is One Way To Increase The Value Added At Harvest. For Example, The Processing Of Fresh Mangoes Into Dried Mango Can Extend The Shelf Life Of The Fruit. With The Covid-19 Pandemic and The Rapid Disruption of Technology, Companies or Smes Are Required To Be Creative And Innovative. The Purpose Of This Study Was To Analyze Consumer Preferences For Dried Mango As A Whole As Well As The Target Market And Market Opportunity Of Dried Mango. The Research Was Conducted Online from May to July 2020 with Voluntary Sampling And 255 Respondents Were Included. Data Processing Was Conducted Via Conjoint Analysis and Artificial Intelegence Such as Adaboost (Adaptive Boosting) Classifier. The Results Of The Study Revealed That The Most Preferred Form Of Dried Mango Was In The Form Of Equal Sized Slices, Cut One By One, Sweet Taste, Not Fibrous, And From Kweni Mango. Meanwhile, In Terms of Packaging, Consumers Preferred Packaging That Is Coated with Aluminum Foil Inside, Of A Neutral Color, Featuring an Appetizing Logo, And the Shape of The Packaging. The Target for Consumers of Dried Mango Revealed That as The Age and Income of The Consumers Increased, The Dried Mango Must Be Offered from The Previous Sweet-Sour Taste to Sweet Taste. Meanwhile, The Target Market For Dried Mango Was For All Types Of Work. Artificial Intelligence - Adaboost (Adaptive Boosting) Classifier Indicated That Generation And Consumer Income Were Factors In Shifting Interest From Sour And Sweet-Sour To Sweet.

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