The Effectiveness of Numerical Learning-Based E-Modules on Learning Outcomes of Elementary School Students in Learning during the Covid 19 Pandemic

    Dyah Triwahyuningtyas ,Nyamik Rahayu Sesanti ,Ihawalludiyah Bayu Anggarawati


    This study aims to analyze the development of technology-based learning in the form of a mathematical numeracy E-Module that was applied during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study uses e-modules according to school needs in online learning of numeracy mathematics material. The methodology uses qualitative through questionnaires, observations, and interviews. The researcher conducted at thirty students at the State Elementary School in Malang. Testing the effectiveness of the E-Modul with student learning outcomes in the form of numeration questions and questionnaires distributed to students. The results of the study show that E-Modules are effective in developing and supporting the online learning process during the COVID-19 pandemic for elementary schools.

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