Human-Resource Management Education: it Challenges and Alternatives for Teacher Economics Quality Development

    Mohzana ,Muh. Fahrurrozi ,Hartini Haritani ,M.Zainul Majdi ,Hary Murcahyanto ,Martua Hamonangan Nasution ,Muhammad Sururuddin


    The quality and quality of graduates as school output, is largely determined by many things related to teachers, including economics teachers. In macro, the teacher's task is related to the development of human-resource management, which will ultimately determine the sustainability and glory of the life of the nation. However, internally, economics teachers are still faced with several problems both concerning the number and qualifications of academic, distribution, and the quality or competence of economics teachers. Besides that, the demands of globalization, changes in the fields of science and technology, economic, social political, socio-cultural, and government policies are challenges faced by economic teachers. Minimizing internal problems into strengths and anticipating challenges into opportunities is the main strategy to achieve the figure of a professional economics teacher who in turn gives birth to students who are economically literate, characterized and entrepreneurial. At least four ways are carried out through education, training, experience, and habituation, with religion as its commander.

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