Problems and Prospects of ‘pre and post work from home’: Challenges for HR

    Dr P V Raveendra ,Dr Arun Kumar D.C ,Dr.Y.M.Satish ,Dr. Vijaya kumar G


    ‘Work from home’ had affected employees in professional life and personal life.  The purpose of the paper is to study the problems and prospects of ‘pre and post work from home’ employees and to study the role HR mangers in dealing the problems challenges. Various research papers were reviewed to study the problems and prospects of employees who are working from home and to know the challenges of HR Managers.  The main problems identified are Regular transition of ‘professional role to ‘family role, conflict in prioritisation of roles, reduction in team spirit among the employee and increased stress levels. Some positive aspects of work from home include a comfortable environment, lessor travelling time, regular online training programmes and increased productivity. The various strategies include conducting wellness programmes, yoga classes, family trips with sufficient precautionary measures, conducting cultural competitions, conducting quizzes and cooking contests among the family member to reduce the stress levels and increase in work life balance.

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