The Key Success Factors in Building Ideas of Quality Research and Development in the Education Field

    Adi Bandono ,Avando Bastari ,Okol Sri Suharyo


    Every success in carrying out quality research assignments cannot be separated from the spirit, discipline, motivation, honesty, perseverance, and foresight of researchers in exploring problems. Research can face many obstacles. The problem statement that can be raised in this research is how to build the key to success to carry out research and development of science and technology that produces high quality and usability for human life. So the purpose of this research is to analyze how to be successful in carrying out research and development in the field of high-quality and efficient education. The materials and methods used in this research are studies and studies of several works of literature as well as an understanding of Systematic Analysis in the field of Education. The results obtained are several key success factors in building research and development ideas in the field of education that are of high quality and high efficiency. These key factors include: Implementing Systematic Analysis in the Education Sector, Implementing Reflective Practices on Research and Development, Implementing the Formation of Participation Teams, Implementing Diffusion of Innovations, and Implementing institutionalization in the education sector in stages and continuously.

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