Values and Value Orientations of Russian Youth in the Normative Legal Acts of Modern Russia

    Valery Viktorovich Bondaletov ,Natalia Fedorovna Bondaletova ,Elena Evgen'evna Kabanova ,Vadim Alexandrovich Maslikov ,Alexey Mikhailovich Kozhevnikov


    The article aimed to study the conformity of modern Russian legislation concerning the formation of value orientations of Russian youth with the basic values and value orientations observed by sociologists in the ongoing research. The article examines the main theories of values and value orientations of youth and identifies the aspects of these scientific approaches and specific theories that align with the particular topics of youth and Russia. Attribution to these blocks determined the choice of basic research principles, operational categories, and methods of classification. Based on a theoretical analysis of sociological research, a set of socio-cultural and spiritual values of modern youth is compiled. –°ontent analysis of the normative legal documents being part of the Russian youth policy was used as the main method. The demanded and reproduced values and value orientations of Russian youth are identified. The analysis shows that in recent years, Russian legal acts demonstrate a tendency of increased requirements for the upbringing process organization and the actualization of the national model of values and national and state ideals.

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