Politics of Identity and Development in Mewat Region of Haryana: A Study of Meos Community

    Jai Kishan Bhardwaj


    Identity is used in the sense of a person's experience of self-sameness and continuity in time and space. This is contingent upon its continued recognition and reinforcement by his or her social group. In the last three decades, explorations of identity and identity formation have received a new impetus in the study of Indian politics. Identity-related issues have become prominent while the questions of economics and politics have been relatively marginalised. This has been primarily due to the assertion of identity-based politics and movements. The emergent identities have mostly been articulated as fixed and unchanging, grounded in terms of culture, caste, region, and religion. This has had the effect of suppressing the historical trajectories of formation of specific communities and the changes that continue to inform them.

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