The Judge Abu Bakr bin Al-Arabi’s choice in the Case of Investigating the Name of Wine and its Meaning in his Book 'The Rules of Qur’an': A Jurisprudential Study

    Hussein Saleh Ibrahim Al-Qaisi ,Prof. Sami Jameel Al-Kubaisi



    Praise is to God, Lord of the worlds, and the best prayer and the most complete greeting of peace be upon the one who was sent as a mercy to the worlds; our master Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and upon all his family and companions and those who followed them in goodness and were guided by their guidance until the Day of Judgment...

    But after:

    Forensic sciences are considered one of the most important ways to achieve happiness in this world, and to win the highest degrees in the Hereafter, as it is the light that guides to the path of righteousness, and through its attainment, the ignorant rises from the darkness of seduction to the lights of guidance and the correctness of selections especially jurisprudence that combines the transmitted and the reasonable; The honor of science honor intended.

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