Drum Tower of Dong Village in Guizhou Province: Cultural Identity of an Ethnic Group in the Minority Development Process of China

    Ronghua Cui ,Pitak Noiwangklung


    The research text of this article is the Drum Tower of the Dong ethnic group in China. This article briefly introduces social development of the Dong ethnic group and historical development of the Drum Tower, Next, analysis the Drum Tower of Dong village in the aspect of cultural identity of a minority group. This research applied the concept of Cultural identity. Research purposes: The research purposes of this study have the following two points. First, To study the historical and socio-cultural development of Dong ethnic group (village) in Guizhou province. Second, To study the Drum Tower of Dong village in the aspect of cultural identity of a minority group. Research Methodology: This research is qualitative methodology. The researcher collected information in two ways: field work and literature review. Information about the history and socio-cultural development of Dong villages in Guizhou Province is mainly obtained by looking through a large number of documents. These materials include periodicals and papers introducing the Dong nationality; there are also monographs on the history of the development of ethnic minorities in Guizhou. After consulting these documents, it is necessary to summarize, so as to sort out the history and socio-cultural development of the Dong village in Guizhou Province. At the same time, the researcher did a lot of field investigations on the information of Drum Tower cultural identity. the researcher interviewed Dong villagers, the builders of Drum Towers, government officials and scholars, etc and observed and recorded many Drum Towers on the spot, including their shapes and customs,etc. Through field investigations, we have a clear understanding of the cultural identity of the Drum Tower: It is necessary to discuss the distribution, decoration, construction process, and daily life of the Drum Tower. The cultural identity of Drum Tower is a multi-dimensional system, and its connotation can be better explained through such a three-dimensional narrative. Findings / Results: The Drum Tower is an exclusive architecture of Dong people, it is closely related with people and society of minority group of ‘Dong’, whether it’s giving a child a name, young people falling in love, a funeral, or their national festivals, or any events, they all happen around the Drum Tower. For a long time, the Dong people have gradually formed a cultural identity with the Drum Tower as the core. Conclusions / Discussion: The Dong nationality is a nation with a splendid civilization. The Dong people have created an excellent building on their own land---Drum Tower. Drum tower is the sign of Dong People’s wisdom as well as the treasure of Chinese architectural heritage. The Dong people regard building the Drum Tower as a major event in Dong Village. They build the Drum Tower together and carry out exquisite decorations. They usually discuss things and hold various activities in the Drum Tower. They gradually formed a unique culture around the Drum Tower. Through this study, it can be found that Drum Tower is a very important cultural text in a minority of Dong people in Guizhou province. Through the elaboration of Drum Tower (such as decoration, customs, etc.), we can conclude that Drum Tower is a unique culture of the Dong people. It is a complex system, and at the same time, this Drum Tower is the place of Cultural Identity of insider people of this minority.

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