Talent Development and Innovation: The Way Forward In the Organisation

    Norailis Ab. Wahab ,Khairul Affeiq Mohd. Noorizam ,Syarizal Abdul Rahim ,Nur Izzati Mohamad Anuar


    In today’s dynamic and challenging business environment, many firms are striving for competitive advantage through continuous innovation. This requires firms to leverage their talents efficiently and effectively. This study therefore investigates how firms manage their talents in order to support firms’ innovation practices. Hence, a qualitative research method was adopted, contributed by the in-depth interviews with the owners of three manufacturing firms and analyzed through the NVivo software. Additionally, printed and electronic materials, including relevant articles and websites were collected for qualitative data analysis. It was found that all firms are utilizing performance management, talent coaching and leadership development that stimulates and augments the development of individual and organizational knowledge for developing talent management. This subsequently supports firms’ continuous innovations for long term success and survival.

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