The Effectiveness of The Four Corners Strategy on Correcting Erroneous Historical Concepts and Acquiring Communication Skills for Fifth Literary Grade Female Students.

    Hadeel Kazem Hamza ,Mahdi Gader Habib ,Majed Abdul Zaid Al-Khazraji


    The current research aims to investigate “the effectiveness of the four corners strategy in correcting erroneous historical concepts and acquiring communication skills for the fifth literary grade students.

    ”The current study is conducted in Iraq, Babylon Governorate. The researcher followed the experimental method with the adoption of the experimental design with partial control. The research population is limited to secondary and preparatory schools in the province of Babylon (the city center of Hilla). The researcher chose the literary fifth grade students as a sample for the current research. Their number was (60) students, with two divisions, experimental and control ،The researcher equalized between the two research groups in some variables that may affect the impact of the experiment, and the results were that the two groups are statistically equivalent. The researcher used the appropriate statistical methods for the research procedures, including (T-test for two independent samples, chi-square, Pearson correlation coefficient, ease coefficient, discrimination coefficient, and the effectiveness of alternatives) The results of the research showed that the experimental group outperformed the control group in the achievement test and communication skills scale. In light of the results of the research, the researcher came out with a set of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further studies.

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