Factors Affecting Indian Parents’ Adoption of Online Learning Applications for Their Children

    Jyoti Verma ,Kiran Sood ,Simon Grima


    We are seeing a daily increase in online learning platforms and choices of learning applications are on the increase. Parents are gearing up to exercise these choices to ensure that their children receive a lifelong quality education. However, parents are still somewhat hesitant about the adoption of these online learning applications for their children. Therefore, there is a need to determine why this is happening by identifying the factors that affect the parents’ online learning application adoption decisions for their children. To do this we developed a survey, which was subdivided into two sections. The first section consisted of 3 multiple-choice questions relating to demographics. The second section was made up of 20 statements relating to online application used. Parents were asked to answer their level of agreement to the statements using a 5-point likert scale. The data received from 272 indian parents was subjected to exploratory factor analysis and the cronbach alpha using the spss version 26 software application. Findings highlighted that the parents’ selection criteria for learning applications related to 1) concerns regarding the child’s health, 2) the payment options and 3) the curriculum and teaching pedagogy.

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