Evaluation Of Covid-19 Management Program in South Sulawesi Province (Case Study in Palopo City and Pare-Pare City)

    Darmawansyah ,Indar ,Muhammad Alwy Arifin ,Balqis ,Anwar Mallongi


    The number of cases of Covid-19 cases in South Sulawesi Province from 24 districts / cities as of August 1, 2020, namely the city of Palopo was recorded at number 16 with the number of positive confirmed cases as many as 58 cases. Covid-19 cases are classified as low, but the city of Palopo is set to enter the red zone because it has a CFR of 5.7 percent, while the national one should be 4.8 percent. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Covid-19 response program in South Sulawesi Province with a focus on research locations in Pare-Pare City and Palopo City through the Health Service System Criteria. This research is a qualitative research with an instrumental case study approach. This study uses a formative evaluation method intended to monitor the progress of the program during the program, to provide feedback for the improvement and refinement of the program. Data collection techniques used in this study were in-depth interview techniques, observation techniques and document techniques. Researchers use triangulation to obtain a high level of truth when approached from various points of view, the triangulation carried out is triangulation of data sources, triangulation of theories, and triangulation of the Epidemiological Criteria method in the Covid-19 Response Program in South Sulawesi Province which shows that it is in accordance with the expected results, so also on the Health Service Surveillance Criteria for the Covid-19 prevention program in South Sulawesi Province which shows the expected research results.

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