Strengthening of Industrial Relations Courts as Efforts to Provide Legal Justice for Labourer

    Ida Hanifah ,Anwar Soleh Purba


    Industrial relations had increasingly complex problems when the era of industrialization began. Many disputes that arise between workers or workers and employers, workers with the government, trade unions or labour unions with employers and many other conflicts require official institutions to settle a dispute of industrial relations. So that the formation the act of the republic Indonesia No. 2 of the year 2004 concerning of Industrial Relations Disputes Settlement. This paper has praise to find out the implementation and industrial relations disputes settlement through the court of Industrial relations, in addition to strengthening the mediation function in resolving industrial relations disputes, and making that a judicial institution capable of providing legal justice for labourer and workers. The results of this paper conduct settlement of industrial relations in the court, which consists of several disputes concerning human rights, interest disputes, over termination of employment, between labour unions in one company disputes. So that the mediation is needed for the settlement of industrial relations disputes, because it is indeed far better and faster to resolve when compared to being resolved in the court of industrial relations. Bearing in mind that the industrial relations disputes settlement can be implemented at the court of industrial relations it will take a long time. In addition, to strengthen the Industrial Relations Court, concrete efforts are needed to realize the principle of fast, simple and low cost, so that litigants can obtain justice which is the core of a court process.

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