Measuring And Analyzing the Role of Small and Medium Projects in Economic Growth Within the Framework of Joint Integration

    Ghufran Hatem Alwan ,Maan Thabit Arif


    There is often talk in the  different countries of the world that about small and medium projects because of their effective role in achieving the economic development of the country concerned,  because it is familiar that this type of project is able to absorb the large numbers of manpower in many agricultural, service and industrial projects In particular, the handicraft, folk, or heritage industries, which are widespread in most cases in residential areas, far from the centers of big cities, such as villages and small cities. Thus, these projects are capable of creating job opportunities for thousands of people who make up the work force in the country concerned, and therefore these projects are able to develop them and make them new craftsmen and professionals to be added to the professional labor market, in addition to this segment working in small and medium projects They have their social connections and responsibilities that call for them to be provided with jobs so that they can provide for their families.

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