Graphic Design Reflecting the Community Identity and Culture of Western Thailand

    Kanpat Kalumpahaiti


    This study investigates the approaches necessary to design the graphics that demonstrate the community identity of Western Thailand. The study intends to present the approaches for establishing the community identity graphics of Don Khun Huai II Royal Intention Project, located in Phetchaburi Province. The main respondents comprised six experts and representatives of the community (Group A). The respondents of the quality assessment survey included nine experts in design, artists, designers and representatives of the community (Group B). Data were collected using the interview method, and the respondents were obtained by purposive sampling. The study was conducted using the qualitative research method. The results indicated that the common identity of the community that could be used to provide a symbolic overview was an image of a farmer of King Rama IX and community wisdom. The design approaches were presented in the concept of ‘the bond of silk threads’, which reflects agriculture and the teachings of King Rama IX. Mulberry, silk and pineapple represented the strength of the community. The design also used shapes and lines that were fluttering, elegant and modern as elements of the logo design, colour scheme, typefaces, symbolic cartoons, pictograms and key visual elements. The study experimented with environmental graphics, which were installed in the community area and created pieces for actual use. The results revealed that the design reflecting community identity could be created using graphic elements, such as images, text and colours. The approaches could accurately convey meaning and reflect a distinctive identity of the community.

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