Development’s Model of Scientific Approach Based on Local Wisdom in Social Science Content in Elementary School in Banten Province

    Ajat Sudrajat ,Ojat Darojat ,Udan Kusmawan ,Syaiful Mikdar ,Darsiharjo ,Silverius Y. Soeharso ,Lisa Dwi Ningtyas ,Ahmad Rifqy Ash-Shiddiqy


    Local wisdom in Banten Province, is a legacy for the next generation and has begun to fade, therefore the cultural heritage of local wisdom is a source of elementary school social studies learning. The objectives of this study to implementing the local wisdom-based saitifik development model in social studies learning at Elementary Schools Banten Province. This study used a research and development approach (Caulfield & Borg, 1979; Kemmis, Dawkins, Brown, Cramer, & Reilly, 1983). The step of this model is a form of repetition (cycle) of research findings after the product is made. The results of the evaluation of material experts and instructional media show that the book developed is in the very good category. The books developed are in accordance with the Indonesia 2013 curriculum both in content, process and assessment. Books have also been seen using a scientific approach and include elements of local wisdom in context and illustration. Based on the results of the assessment of both experts and the results of testing to students, this book is worthy of being used as a learning resource for elementary school students in Banten province because it has included elements of local wisdom. The elements of local wisdom contained in the book both in context contain customs, culture, sites and natural conditions, will make it easier for children to understand the concept of social studies as well as the formation of a character of love and pride with local wisdom.

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