Geology and Seismic Activity of Muqdadiya District and Its Impact on Locating Dams and Reservoirs Using Modern Technologies

    Reham Mahdi Jouameer Al-shammari ,Prof. Dr Sadeea Akol Munkhi


    The aim of the study is to identify the natural ingredients in the construction of the Muqdadiya dam, through the qualifications of the natural environment, geomorphological and morphometrics, and the processes that resulted from them. Size flow watery in which. Muqdadiya district adult area (1033 How many 2) And the reality between my circle an offer (34◦.00¯ - 33◦.45¯-) north and between linear Length (.15¯◦45-45◦.44¯) east, make up center Elimination Percentage (4.32 %) with regards province Diyala. Linear structures prevailed in the study area, and the structures with a northwestern direction were recorded. The percentage of linear structures for this direction was (11.4(% of the most frequent and long structures within this direction and the percentage of their length)22.7%). that Composition geologist to spend Muqdadiya Returns to me configurations Old in a squeeze out pseudo (third time) and appearance Region configure it Present within easy sedimentary Returns to me latest ages geological, It is prevalent in the region sediment easy The overflow has reached its area 489.26 km 2, as for seismic activity, the intensity of the earthquake ranged between 1.3-3.8, while the depth of 9 earthquakes ranged between (5-9 km), while 20 earthquakes ranged in depth between (10-19 km), and the center of the earthquakes depth In the Muqdadiyah region does not exceed the earth's crust.   

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