E-Learning Applications According To The Levels Of STEM Literacy For Teachers Of Physics At The Secondary Stage

    Wassan Hazem Hassan Abdullah Al-Jubouri ,Adel Kamel Shabib ,Majed Seleem Aziz


    The current research aims to identify:  


    E-learning applications according to the levels of enlightenment (STEM Literacy) for physics teachers in the secondary stage. The sample consists of (400) teachers, at a rate of (200) males (50%), and (200) females (50%), distributed over (6) directorates of education in Baghdad governorate on both sides of Rusafa and Karkh. To verify the research goals, the researcher built a scale of e-learning applications according to the levels of STEM Literacy, which consists of (50) items distributed over (5) levels. The face validity of the scale and its stability were verified by extracting the stability coefficient through the internal consistency method “Alf-Cronbach”. The following statistical means were used: Pearson correlation coefficient, arithmetic mean, and standard deviation, where the result was reached that secondary school physics teachers have e-learning applications according to (STEM Literacy) levels. In light of this, the researcher presented a set of recommendations and suggestions.                                                           

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