Social Violence in Health Institutions (Comparative Field Study Between Iraq and Egypt)

    Saba'a Hameed Obaid ,Hamza Jawad Khudair


    Social violence means acts of violence perpetrated by individuals and organized and unorganized groups to achieve political goals and by various means. or it is to tighten the screws on individuals “employees” and limit their participation in social activities and deprive them of social contact with others, the current study aims to identify (the concept of social violence and its historical roots in Iraq and Egypt, to reveal the factors contributing to provoking social violence, to study the types of violence against government employees in government health institutions, to reveal the prevailing patterns of violence in government health institutions in Iraq and Egypt, the current research aims to share activities and events aimed at increasing public awareness of the importance of eliminating violence in government health institutions, trying to reach appropriate methods to confront the types and manifestations of violence in government health institutions). To achieve these goals, the researcher used the questionnaire, which included (52) items, distributed to (400) men and women working in government health institutions, with different medical and health specialties, including (200) in Iraq and (200) in Egypt, and the researcher concluded that social violence It prevails in most governmental health institutions in its various forms, and that the prevalence of social violence in governmental health institutions appeared due to the weakness of the law and the control authority within these institutions. And thus, knowing the aspects of prevention and how to deal with them, forming different committees for all hospital workers to guide them in the correct way to deal with cases of violence, with reference every time about the most important principles of human rights and the rights and duties of both parties, whether (reference, patient, companion, doctor, etc.) nurse, pharmacist, and all employees).

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