Customer Satisfaction in Selected Nationalized and Private Sector Banks in India

    Jaafar M-Hasan Abdulrahman Alshawi ,D.V. Gopalappa


    The main aim of the study was to analyze the level of satisfaction of customers with the technology-based services provided by the banks. Data for the study was collected through primary sources and analyzed by using descriptive analysis and one-way ANOVA. The study found that the customers were found to be satisfied with the technology-based services provided by the banks. Their only concern was the safety of the transactions and payments made along with more transparency in the banking system. Customers claimed that technology enabled them to provide financial services in a cost-effective, timely, and systematic manner. As a result of the effective use of technology, banks have been able to manage the increasing transaction volumes that come with a larger customer base in a more accurate and timely manner.

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