Effectiveness Reading Aloud Techniques in Enhancing Jordanian EFL Students’ Reading Comprehension

    Abdel Hameed Al Awabdeh


    Reading skills are essential among second language learners as they must comprehend techniques of learning English language and not only vocabulary. However, these techniques have not been sufficiently investigated in the Jordanian context. Thus, this study aims to investigate the effectiveness of the Reading Aloud “RA” technique in enhancing students’ reading comprehension. The study used experimental design and survey questionnaire to collect the data from 30 EFL students purposely selected. Students were divided into control and experimental groups and taught using traditional teaching method and RA respectively. The pilot study was conducted to assess the consistency of treatment and the survey. Pre and post-tests were conducted along with the treatment. The data analysed through SPSS 25.0 descriptively and inferentially using mean scored and independent t-test. The findings showed that there is a significant difference between the two groups in their performance on pre and post-test. Hence, reading aloud teaching can be considered an effective method in enhancing students’ reading skills. Several discussions were drawn from the findings. Recommendation and suggestions were presented.

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