Organizational Values and their Impact on Strategic Behavior: An exploratory study in the Iraqi General Company for Textile and Leather Industries

    Laith Shate Bajaee ,Ayad Tahir Mohamed


    Organizational values are the basis of any organizational culture and the essence of its philosophy to achieve success. It is also a sense of the common orientations of all individuals within organizations and is an indicator of their daily actions. In addition, management undoubtedly obtains great strength through the presence of common values, as the human resources in the organization They are aware of the standards that must be adhered to and are also devoted to desirable behavior. The organizational values are specific to the strategic behavior that affects the interaction within the administration between individuals. In order to direct the behavior of the human resource towards achieving the goals of the organization efficiently, the administration undertakes a set of procedures that represent a specific model of models that are used in those issues that need quick, timely and effective responses, The results of the statistical analysis revealed that there is a significant positive effect of the dependent variable represented in organizational values and their dimensions individually and collectively on the strategic behavior of the General Company for Textile and Leather Industries in a significant way, and this is justified in order to accept the hypothesis of influence, and it was proven that after the organization’s management the most dimensions of organizational values have an impact on strategic behavior.

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