Means And Areas of Investment in Physical Education Departments and Sports Sciences Faculties in The Kurdistan Region Iraq: Reality and Ambition

    Aza K. Ahmad ,Asaad Al-Ani


    Aims: To learn about the reality of investing in the faculties of physical education and sports sciences and their departments regarding the importance of investing in sports, and the extent to which there are means and areas of sports investment in the faculties of physical education and sports sciences and their departments in the Kurdistan-Iraq

    Methodology: the researchers employed descriptive methods in their survey. The study comprised instructors and administrators from all faculties and sports science departments in the Kurdistan region. It also has 17 public and 19 private universities. The research sample includes all faculty and administrators of physical education and sports sciences in Kurdistan, Iraq. Investors in colleges and physical education departments (13) with (406) teaching staff.

    Result and conclusion: Investment lessens the dependency of sports institutes on funds from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Investing in universities and departments of physical education and sports sciences makes sense in Kurdistan. On the other hand, universities maintain the link between education and fitness, as well as complete care when studying. As a result, they invested in sports as well as social activities. Furthermore, Investment encourages rivalry among sports groups to improve administrative, service, and sporting activities. With economic growth comes the necessity to socialize sports institutions and the general public. Is invested to achieve goals and expand work opportunities. Therefore, economic factors have an impact on sports investment. The habit of reviewing messages about sports colleges regularly is dull.

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