Research Overview the Application of Metacongnitive Theory to Contribute to The Development of Mathematical Competence for Secondary School Students

    Master Nguyen Thi Huong Lan ,Prof. Bui Van Nghi


    While Vietnamese education is undergoing a comprehensive renovation towards focusing on the goal of developing learners' capacity; especially for the goal of developing mathematical competence with 5 specific components ([5]) for high school students through Mathematics, there is a need to research and exploit factors of thinking and perception in mathematics. Study Math to find solutions to overcome the limitations in old teaching and meet the requirements of teaching innovation in terms of textbooks, teaching methods, testing and evaluation. The problem of understanding the influence of metacognition on the formation and development of mathematical competence of  secondary school students through Mathematics is of great significance in teaching practice. Therefore, conducting research in this direction to find out how to apply metacognitive theory to contribute to the development of mathematical competence for students in teaching mathematics in secondary schools.

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