The Impact of Climate on The Tourism Industry in Aqaba Governorate

    Faisal Mnawer Al-Mayouf ,Ahmed Jassim Alhassan


    This study aimed at analyzing the impact of climatic elements on the tourism industry, as well as the months that may be used to promote tourism in the Aqaba Governorate. The tourism climate indicators methodology was used in the study, which included the temperature and humidity indicator, the Baker wind cooling indicator, and the tourist climate indicator. The study found that there are months that are very suitable for carrying out tourism activities, despite differences in geographical location between the two stations of Aqaba Airport and the port station, which are October, November, March, and April, while the rest of the months are not suitable for activities, and it was discovered that there is a strong correlation between the number of tourists and climate indicators. The tourism climate variables explained between 70 and 90 percent of the climatic impact on tourist movement in the Aqaba Governorate.

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