Urban Polarization and Its Impact on The Urban Structure of The City of Basra

    Qassim Mutar Abad Alkhalidy


    The city of Basra has undergone a major development in the attraction of the population to the city, increasing its population size to occupy the largest urban centre in Basra province. Its geographical location, which formed a link between it and its neighbouring districts, facilitated transport and trade by connecting it to a network of transport routes, which facilitated movement and mobility between them and their respective districts, as well as the concentration of most official services, economic activities and services of all kinds, making them an attractive centre(Polarized) Therefore, the study focused on the concept of urban polarization in the city through its various city influences, and the descriptive approach was used to describe the variables used in the study as well as the analytical approach to produce results that demonstrated that Basra has become an attractive center. (Polarized) Population, activities and various functions and their impact on the negative and positive uses of urban land, identifying the most important problems and constraints and proposing appropriate solutions to them in order to serve the needs and requirements of the population in the city.

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