The Impact of Presentations Strategy on The Kinetic Coordination and Development of Spike Skill in Volleyball Among Students

    Othman Majeed Rasheed Al-Ani ,Ihab Saadi Mohammed Al-Shglawi


    This research is significant due to employing presentations strategy. It is one of the modern strategies and plays a crucial role in the development of kinetic abilities and sports skills, including coordination and the development of serve skill in volleyball among students. As for research problem, spike skill in volleyball requires a great kinetic coordination when learning and mastering it. In addition to the lack of employing modern strategies, including presentations. Therefore, this research aimed at identifying the impact of presentations strategy on coordination and development of spike skill in volleyball among students. This research applied the experimental approach to (28) students selected from 4th stage, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Babylon University. The research sample was classified into experimental and control groups. The experimental group applied presentations strategy, while the control group used the traditional strategy applied by the teacher. Moreover, pretests were conducted before implementing the presentations strategy within the procedures of the experimental approach, after identifying the tests and measures. Then, the retests were carried out after completing the implementation of presentations strategy. SPSS was used to process the results statistically, and then the results were discussed. The results showed that presentations strategy obviously affected the development of coordination and spike skill in volleyball among students of the experimental group. The study emphasized on employing presentations strategy to develop other kinetic abilities and learn new skills. It recommended carrying out similar studies on other activities.

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