Impact of Leadership Competencies Program for Nurses on Their Innovation through Schoology Platform: Visual Learning Style versus Verbal Learning Style

    Ayat Fawzy Ahmed Ghazala ,Shimaa Ebrahim Elshall


    The health field in our time is characterized by changes, crises, pandemics, and conflicts. These require a competent nurse leader capable of innovation for managing those challenges. Knowing the effective learning style for nurses is very crucial for achieving the desirable result regarding their continuing education. Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the impact of leadership competencies program for nurses on their innovation through Schoology platform by using two types of learning styles visual and verbal learning style and compare between them. Methods: Quasi-Experimental pre-test and post-test design was conducted using two groups. A convenience sample (N = 60) of nurse who enrolled in postgraduate studies and accept to participate in the study. Three instruments were applied which are index of learning styles survey to divide the sample in to tow group (visual/verbal learning style), leadership competencies knowledge test, and innovation scale. Results: The study result revealed that the mean of leadership competencies knowledge and innovation was improved at post program for both tow groups. Furthermore, there was a highly significant difference between the two groups regarding post program results. Also, the visual learning style is more effective than verbal learning style. Thus, from these results the program is succeeded in achieving its objectives. Recommendation: Based on the findings, the concept of leadership competencies as well as innovation should be included in training program and post graduate curriculum for nurses. Also, knowing the preferred learning style of the learner is important. Lastly, periodic updates and training on the visual learning style for teaching staff.

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