The Effectiveness Of Javanese Local Wisdom To Increase The Character Building Of Elementary School Students Of Surakarta As Child Friendly Schools

    Siti Supeni ,Sarwi2 ,Lukman AL Hakim


    This study has a purpose to find a strategy to develope learning models by using a Javanese dolanan songs as a strengthening the value of character education for elementary school students in Surakarta, knowing, and describing the meaning contained in the lyrics of the song. The research method is through observation, FGD, interviews, documentation, with purposive sampling. Javanese dolanan songs that are applied in elementary schools will strengthen Javanese culture, and shape students' personalities. The research results gave the effectiveness score was in the range of 30% to 40%. It means that students are able to understand Javanese dolanan songs with a touch of educating art while playing and the teacher stimulates the child's motor system through music learning strategies. it is held every Thursday afternoon after class hours. It was found that students who use gamelan media have an increase in children's motor skills by about 20-30% so that they can increase self-confidence. So that the Javanese dolanan song as a strengthening of the value of character education for elementary school students can be optimal, it needs to be included in the local content curriculum and is mandatory for all teachers and students.

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