The Urgency of the Combination of Natural Resource Management and Environment towards Practical Principles

    Insan Tajali Nur ,Jamal Wiwoho ,Isharyanto


    The aimed of this research is describing the inconsistency between arrangements made by the authorities and the concept of the rule of law as contained in the Indonesian constitution. This research gives the offer in the form of the urgency to build the principle of morality and the integration of the rules for managing natural resources and the environment. To formulate it, this research is using doctrinal research method with the theory of the rule of law with the welfare state (walfarestaat) which puts the law forward as praxis. This formulation is able to combining principles and provisions derived from the rules in accordance with the ideals of constitutionally based law. The result explained that a return to the principle of material democracy, not formal procedural, is important for the realization of rechtidee in the form of a welfare state which contains the formulation of the principles of natural resources and the environment based on prophetic moral and ethical actions. Therefore, the regulation of natural resources and the environment are needs to prioritize the principle of praxis which is a combination of prophetic moral and ethical actions and simplification of regulations.

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