Design & Development of Children’s Ethnic Wear with Touch of Prairie Fashion

    Ms.Netra.B ,Mrs. Subathra.B


    Fashion is a type of art that enables people to portray and display their tastes and preferences over a period of time. Famous fashion designers take their sources of inspiration from various external factors available and reflect them upon their work.  Haute couture is such an aspirational aspect to the rich that is mostly inspired by art and culture. The global fashion industry is thereby a byproduct of this era. Dressing according to the special occasion has become very prominent in this current era. People prefer different clothes with different silhouettes for various occasions.   [1]Specializations in fashion provides the opportunity for a customer to choose clothing as casuals, formals, travel suits, swimwear, men's wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, bridal wear, sportswear  etc. Looking good among the peers has always been a desire of all human being and is easily achieved through designer’s clothing. As designer clothes are generally sought and hand-picked selecting right from scratch with material like fabrics, the patterns, design trims and accessories and other aspects referring to the outfit. Designer clothing pre-dominantly leans towards the concept of customization of clothing in line with the physique, taste and preferences of colours, fabrics and silhouette. The preference of designer’s clothing has also increased nowadays those collections come at a high expense. The need for customization of clothing has raised within the past few years creating more demand for the fashion customization industry. Prairie fashion is a concept of clothing style adopted by a pioneer women in a period, which is inspired and a collection of garments designed for a girl child.

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