Evolution of Weft Knitted Fabric Design: Seamless Knitwear Production Technology

    P. Kanakaraj ,R. Ramachandran


    In the present scenario, it is essential to develop new products and alter the existing ones to meet the often-changing requirements of consumer. New product development is the replacement that is significantly different from existing product in terms of forms, function and most important- benefits provided. In this direction, seamless knitted garments and its products contributes significantly by increasing the functional suitability by eliminating the additional processes. The most flexible 3D fabric and garment production technology is knitting, because of principle, needle/stitch selection and control of individual yarn feed the entire garment is produced from knitting machine without seam. These seamless garments have manufactured in basic knitting machine with and without changes in normal knitting cycle. The principle adopted for development of 3D concepts evolved from 2D fabric manufacturing techniques in weft knitting. The technology adopted for the manufacturing of seamless garments considered as sustainable practice due to the reduction of time consumption, waste generation through various process and man power cost involved per garment. Virtual simulation of knit samples integrated in advanced knitting machine reduces the production and displaying of actual samples. Through the patterning techniques adopted in weft knitting machine, the developed flat patterns are used to construct the 3D shaped products.

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