Investigation on Consumer’s Awareness and Preference Towards Handloom Products

    Sandhya S ,Mukthy S


    Handloom is one of the ancient methods of manufacturing clothes, where the weavers use their hands and legs manually for fabrication of the clothes. Handloom is one of the major employment sources for   many people living in and around the village areas in our country. At present this industry faces lot of problem though it is the heritage of our nation. This research paper is to find out the consumer’s awareness and perception towards handloom product. This paper is explanatory in nature and the required data are sourced from the primary sources. Snowball and convenient sampling is used for the customer survey. The sample size of the study is 113 for the customer survey (Quantitative Research). The findings of the study show the consumer awareness and consumer preference towards the handloom product. To analyze the present study ANOVA, chi-square and percentage analysis are used.

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