An Interdisciplinary Approach To Address Environmental Issues: Effects Of Knowledge, Attitudes, Perception And Gender Differences

    Samira Khan ,Melanie Elizabeth Lourens ,Ernoiz Antriyandarti ,Bikash Patra ,Tanushri Purohit ,Sapna Sharma


    In the research, it has been evaluated that the interdisciplinary approach has led to a rise in the system of education as well as providing a holistic training towards the development of the society. The rise of AI services has played a significant role in the development of an interdisciplinary approach in the Asian countries. However, compared with the European countries, the knowledge, perception as well as gender differences has heightened in the Asian countries. The paper has significantly shown the challenges faced in an interdisciplinary approach too where team conflicts and lack of resources have been the main causes respectively. A survey has been conducted with 31 participants. According to survey only 3.2 % of the research participants have agreed that gaining knowledge regarding the environment creates a positive impact on environmental issues.Hence it is able to state that environmental issues in different areas of India, South Africa and Asia are related to lack of knowledge, attitude and misperceptions of the people living in these areas. However, it is not associated with gender differences.

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