Developing English Textbook that Promotes the 21st Century Skills

    Suparwoto Sapto Wahono ,I NengahSuandi ,LuhPutuArtini ,I Made Sutama


    This study was a research and development that utilizes the D&D model to develop a textbook for general English courses, promoting 21st-century skills. Specifically, this study identified the 21st-century skills that need to be inserted in the textbook, determined the content validity, and evaluated the practicality of the developed textbook. This study was conducted at the State Islamic Institute of Jember, and it involved two experts, ten lecturers, and 57 students as the subject of the study. Data collection techniques include observation, interviews, documentation, expert judgment, and questionnaire. The data analysis employed a mixed qualitative-quantitative method. This study found that the 21st-century skills that need to be inserted in the textbook include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. In addition, this study found that the textbook was confirmed to have high content validity, and the textbook has a good quality in terms of performance, presentation, material, and language. Besides, the practicality evaluation showed that the students and the lecturers identified no problems during the implementation of the textbook during the instructional process. This study has identified the students’ needs on an English textbook that promotes 21st-century skills and has successfully developed a textbook based on the results of those students' needs. 

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