Strategic alignment of research with curricular management in higher education institutions

    Rafael Rentería-Ramos ,Jenny Hernandez Niño ,David Ricciulli Duarte


    This research presents the construction of a strategic alignment model between the lines of research and the academic offer of the Politecnico Gran Colombiano higher education institution. As a source of information, textual information obtained through a web scraping process through a boot was used, which collects all the information from the master documents of the research lines of the research groups and the faculty’s academic programs: society, Culture and Creativity and the Faculty of Engineering, Design, and Innovation. For the construction of the alignment used through Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), And from the probability distribution to evaluate the synchronization of the lines of research with the critical aspects of the offer academic. Among the most critical findings, discovering the terms with the highest weighting in the probability distribution in the topics can be used for construction. On the other hand, it is necessary to reinforce the interaction of the academic offer because it is utterly asymmetric with these elements.

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