Design and Development of Customized Western Wedding Collection

    Rohini R.M ,Subathra B


    Fashion design is an art of creating design, aesthetics, clothing and other lifestyle accessories. Haute couture & ready-to-wear are the basic categories of modern fashion design. Haute couture has special collection of clothing designed for a specific customer, based on her body type and contour. Wearing a unique well designed clothing to the special occasion gives plenty of pleasure to the wearer. Especially marriage is the special occasion in all human beings life, which makes memories lifelong. Indian wedding dresses reflects the atmosphere of cheer and enjoyment and are one of the most interesting aspects of the ceremony. The purpose of this project is to study about the design and development of Christian wedding wear and their history of silhouette to develop a collection. This collection is developed under regal wedding theme with the inspiration of ancient silhouette. Final collection for bride is developed using hand embroidery, hand painting and boning by the client’s preference.

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