Customer Satisfaction as a mediator between Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Evidence from Gen Z Category online shoppers

    Praveen Kumar T ,Kirupa Priyadarsini M ,Srimath N


    Click here and insert your abstract text. Every business needs to understand customer satisfaction and loyalty because both are required things for the well-being, prophet, and long-term growth of the firms. With the outburst of the internet, every business has experienced an intense culture change. More customers especially Gen Z category have been moving to online shopping. Based on Customer-based brand equity (CBBE) and Generational theory, the study examines the impact of Brand equity on Customer Loyalty with the mediation of Customer satisfaction in online shopping Context. Previous studies established a relationship between brand equity and Customer loyalty, however, the current study is intended to measure the Customer satisfaction as mediated between brand equity and Customer loyalty among Gen Z Category in online shopping context. A structural equation modelling was done using primary data collected from 350 Gen Z category of online shoppers through a structured questionnaire. Findings have shown that there is a mediation effect of Customer satisfaction between brand equity and customer loyalty in Gen Z online shoppers. The study will assist the e-commerce companies to formulate pricing and discount policies and to design websites effectively, so they can satisfy the customers which in turn would make customers loyal. The outcomes enhance to the mounting literature of commitment from a non-western context as this study is based on Indian online shoppers.

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