Post Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic: The Power of Social Media to Call and Recall Visitor

    Robetmi Jumpakita Pinem ,Sari Listyorini ,Dinalestari Purbawati
    Keywords: social media, stakeholders, tourism, pandemic ,


    Karimunjawa as one of the mainstay tourist destinations in Central Java Province, of course, will too.
    Moreover, Karimunjawa tourist visits from 2017-2019 decreased the number of tourist visits. One solution
    to this problem is the implementation of tourism strategy 4.0, through social media influencers.
    Indonesia is one of the countries that is still trying to reduce the number of cases infected with Covid-
    19 even though the number of cases has decreased. The number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia has
    experienced a very sharp decline so that several tourist attractions in Indonesia have opened and
    accepted visitors, although they are still limiting the number of visitors to maintain the condition of
    declining Covid-19 cases in Indonesia.
    This research uses a mixture of qualitative and quantitative
    methods by utilizing primary and secondary data. Primary data collection was carried out through
    filling out questionnaires with respondents being the tourist population who had visited Karimunjawa
    and through focus group discussions with community leaders both formal and informal as well as
    government officials authorized in Karimunjawa as key informants. Respondents have a tendency to
    always look at social media posts. Social media posts related to travel/ holidays are also known to
    attract respondents to travel. Including if the social media post featured certain places. In addition,
    it is also known that travel experiences displayed on social media can influence respondents in
    making choices in traveling. The role of social media influencers is important considering that
    respondents are also known to be more interested in the experiences. The role of social media
    accounts, websites to the internet as a whole is also very useful and contributes to determining one's
    travel planning. All stakeholders of Karimunjawa have to actively in promoting their tourism clearly
    both on the website and on social media accounts.

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