A Study on Preference of Investor’s Between Investment in Equity Shares and Mutual Funds

    Varsha Agarwal ,Ishika Jain M2 ,Goutham Ranka3


    In this current era, money is a significant asset in every life. In direction to overcome the difficulties in near future, we have to capitalize our money assets. Investment cultivates the habit if savings in one’s life. Investment goals vary from person to person depending upon their requirements. The days are long gone when money used to remain inside the borders of nations. Investment is the assurance of funds which is kept from recent consumption with the anticipation that some remunerations will be expected in the future. There exist several investment options available for people, and what they choose among them is the matter of discussion. A decision can be right or wrong and this research would help people take a right decision among equity shares or mutual funds in terms of liquidity, return, risk, and safety. The speed with which the concept of corporate finance, bank finance and investment finance have changed in recent years have given birth to new finance products known as Mutual Funds. Mutual funds are a group of bonds and stocks which are coped by fund executives of any Asset Management Company (AMC). If it is in fairness with mutual fund, it will comprise stock, though debit mutual funds will comprise of securities and government bonds. So from this discussion, we intend of creating mindfulness amongst individuals and understand and also learn about all the available investment opportunities in the marketplace

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