Factors Affecting Consumers Buying Behaviour towards Online Shopping

    Nikitha Dutt


    Many markers have acknowledged the major advantages of incorporating the internet in marketing. The understanding of online marketing is focused on experiments from broadcast, television, magazine articles and the newspaper. Amid a population increase of online consumers. It has been noted that so few findings in the city of Bangalore have been performed to analyze the dynamics which attract and discourage consumers when purchasing goods and services online. Therefore, the consumer's choice to shop online is motivated by a disparity in literature. This is more evident in the Bangalore context, wherein rarely any studies are been conducted to the buying intentions of the Bangalore customers. The main reason for this research is to identify and attain insights into what are the major factors the online customers based in Bangalore take into attention while buying online. Besides, the finding of this research can be used by the E-businesses to understand the consumer knowledge and their intention to shop online and their problems and experience towards online shopping. This can further help in the formulation of marketing strategies not only for companies but for industries too.

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