Work-life Balance of Doctors Belonging to Different Age Group–A Study of Select Hospitals in Bengaluru City, India

    Saima ,Mohammad Zohair


    ‘Work-life balance’ is a term normally utilized but never described. In the background of a COVID-19 pandemic, it can seem a twee term when healthcare professionals do what is required to cope with extreme situations. Even so, many people reassess their life decisions after the epidemic is now over. Recently Human Resource Management (HRM) has witnessed the advent of new concerns; Work-life Balance is one such concern, wherein professionals across the world are gaining improved attention. Today’s workforce is expecting more than just pay from their employers. The recent transformation of both the workplace and workforce has forced policymakers to concentrate more on the wellbeing of their employees. This study will merely concentrate on how factors affecting Work-life Balance have a different impact on doctors belonging to different age groups.

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