Application of AI to Education during the Global Crisis

    Komal Khandelwal


    This paper discusses applying artificial intelligence (AI) in education during the global crisis to resolve issues related to academic, administrative, and research role of teachers in higher edu-cation. This paper builds on the discussion with eight educators from a leading media institute in India and a review of developments in applying artificial intelligence to education. The argu-ment builds on the findings of the journal papers, articles, and AI application cases to educa-tion. AI application in education is aiding in personalization, customization, and real-time resolu-tion, coaching and mentoring of students. With AI, faculty members can physically cater to many students within the class and virtually through platforms like MOOCs. AI in education results in the transfer of repetitive and menial tasks performed by educators like plagiarism check, grading, resolution of queries, etc. This research opens up new avenues for applying AI in educa-tion to meet the challenges posed in times of crisis. Researchers can create models and theories related to the application of AI to education. Educators and policymakers can take cogni-zance of AI applications in education. The policymakers can create frameworks for conducive creative conditions for AI applications. Educators can increase the use of AI in facilitating their daily chores. This paper discusses AI's application to higher education and opens up new ave-nues for further model development to enhance AI-based education effectiveness.

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