Women Empowerment: An Essential Way to Nation’s Growth and Development

    Dr. Amair Jahan ,Prof. Meenakshi Sharma


    Women empowerment is way to pave the way for the growth and development of the nation. It is very well known fact that women are also counted as approximately half of papulation of any nation. If half papulation is not getting adequate exposure then what will surety of good growth and development of the nation, therefore, it is must to create an atmosphere in which women and girls can explore themselves at a new height. The modern women is not far behind from a male counterpart, she is ready to accept any challenge and she is sure to do well in every domain. The government also come with many reform to support the women and dedicated to create an environment to nurture its female papulation. This paper has been written to highlight the problems and hurdle to get the good positive environment to womenfolk’s and also suggested the new measures to implement for the further improvement in the condition of the women.

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