Impressions of Social Media Platforms on Businesses

    Sh Sachin Gupta ,Dr. Nitin Thapar


    Worldwide people are substantially involved and connected to web-based technologies and social media platforms. Similarly, companies are starting to look at technology like effective methods for greater consumer relations. Also, researchers and academics focused emphasis on the associated concerns of social broadcasting marketing to increase present grasp of these phenomena in the marketing sector. The major objectives regarding current review being thus to evaluate and revise systematically the existing studies carried out in the field of social networks and marketing. Current study provides a visibility theory of communication based on a field study of deployment in a big financial services firm of a new company site of social networking. There is also more discussion after an explanation of the existing constraints for the review and proposed guidelines for consideration in future investigations. To summarise what has been said so far: The purpose of this study is to carefully identify and examine appropriate social media researchers in the area of advertising while synthesising and organising major features of these studies and how they address social media marketing issues.

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