Impact of Foreign Institutional Investments on Electrical Sector of India

    Sunitha B K ,Dr. Varsha Agarwal


    The liberalisation of foreign investment in today's scenario has become the slogan for all growing industries. Not only are local stock markets increasingly neglected, but they are also in the global gaze. In the current study, a brief result of all the impacts of foreign institutional investments on the Electrical sector of India is detected. It is a diverse portfolio for an ordinary investor at the end of the day. Even after such progress in the industry there is no comprehensive report linking foreign investments to the variations in the stock prices of the companies. This would actually be a helpful study to do as it is beneficial to the company, electrical sector and the foreign investor. The consequences of foreign investment on our computerized inventory are being analyzed.  Get to know if there is any pattern and finally, discover the principal reason of changes in the field, both in terms of hike & fall. No reasons identified for the hike or fall in share prices of the company due to FII. To conclude the best possible way/ proportion of foreign investment in any Company which will lead to increase its stock value. In future this study will help to find all the impacts of FII on the electrical sector.

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